Valentino at the Ara Pacis video

Here is some video of the Valentino show at the Ara Pacis museum (warning: if you are in a cubicle at work - it's accompanied by loud music). We have not made it down to Rome yet to see the exhibit in person, but we are hoping to before the show is over!

Another video - really a slide show - this one accompanied by some really corny music!

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Really nice! thanks a ton for posting these videos.
i'm acutally doing a latin project on the Ara Pacis but i'm not sure where to find more information or if you wans any historical info on your site. My group has to build a miniature version of the Ara Pacis and present it.
if you can, please contact me at before Wednesday, May 21.
and thanks again!

Check out the reference page: - there is info and links there.

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